Sunday, September 28, 2008

A WIP is still just a WIP

well, after a long eventfull weekend with the girls, i was able to spit this out. I was thinking about surrounding the design with the styale of band that sits off to the side. ill have to wait till tomorrow to start on that part since its about bedtime, cause i gotta get the girls over to thier moms house before getting to work at 6am. This weekend was fun though. The girls and I started the weekend by going to the Oktemberfest parade here in town. We walked downtown for a little picnic on the courthous lawn and then some rides at the carnival thats in town for the fest. Scarlet started flipping out on the first ride which is one of those rides that has like 6 cups that spin around and each other, then each cup spins in itself. I spent more its actually hard to keep it from spinning, than it is to just go with the spin. It was the only thing i could do to keep scarlett from flipping out even more. I thought it would be the least scariest ride there, but still too much for her. Rhiannon went on a couple more rides, but Scarlett wasnt having any of it. We then went home and let the girls take a knap, before going bowling with a buddy and his 5 year old named Madison. The girls had a blast and it was fun to get out with friends and the kids. We went over to Madison's house and let the girls rock out to Hannah Montana and play dress up before watching Barbie's Mermaidia and then Polar Express. Popcorn, pretzels and juice packs and we all almost fell asleep by the time Polar Express got over. Sunday, we went over to the girls gparents on thier moms side, since mom's car isnt reliable enough to leave town and they had been talking about those gparents and thier animals. Rhiannon insisted we stop and get some pig ears for the dogs and some play mice for the cats for heading out of town. The Etzels fixed breakfast for everyone and thier infant cousin Phenious was there, so the day was nice and relaxing. We ended it by stopping by a wedding reception that was for the accountant that works for my company. They had a closed ceremony and a small reception and everyone thought the girls were so adorable. Ofcourse my boss fed them full of dinner mints and hooked them up with huge pieces of cake. Surprisingly enough the girls fell alseep watching spongebob in thier room before it was even bedtime. So it game me the rest of evening to relax a little and doodle, before my bedtime. Now comes the fun part of dealing with thier mother every morning to drop the girls off and pick them up after work. (sarcasim!)


Sherry Goshon ODACA said...

well it's looking wonderful...can't wait to see more more more teehee love you

Sprite said...

Me too! can't wait to see where it goes :) Sounds like you and the girls are having fun which is awesome!
Please send them some big hugs from a lil Sprite :)