Saturday, October 25, 2008

Second and Final attempt

Well, second and final trip worked out great! Got the girls to the Zoo, without getting lost, and they had a blast. It got in its 50's today so it actually was a nice day to do it. Rhiannon shed her jacket halfway though and i ended up carrying half thier costume by the end. The zoo is the perfect size for the girls to walk around it, it took about 2 hours. Although there was so many people that it was too congested to really be able to stop and take too many photos. The girls had a great time and thats all that counts anyways, so definitely a great day.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

1st attempt

Well, i had been planning on taking the girls to a Halloween event at the Des Moines Zoo. Well, i got the girls dressed and and got to Des Moines and got lost. We drove around trying to find my way, but was getting low on gas and didnt have any money on me. We ended up just coming home. Next weekend is the last weekend of the event and this time i will take a map and a full tank of gas. The girls werent let down too much, cause they really enjoyed getting dressed up. I was bothered about it more, because i had been talking it up all week long and i felt like an idiot for getting lost. Oh well :) Rhiannon dressed up as Hannah Montana and poor Scarlett is so petite that she doesnt fit into the smallest Fairy Princess outfit we could find. I had to put sweats underneath her outfit to try and fill it out and plus the event is outdoors at the zoo and the temps have been in thier 40's lately. I made my best attempt of putting make-up on them, but settled for just putting the glittery stuff on. It seemed to look the best. These pics dont show the make-up or glitter, cause i waited till the last moment before walking out of the door for the make-up. Figured that would be the safest for these two hellcats. lol

Friday, October 17, 2008


Well, i had my inet turned off for a bit. During that time ive done alot to the house. Ive completely rearranged the house and did a lot of cleaning while doing so. The girls, Mema, and I took a trip to a pumpkin patch for Rhiannon's preschool field trip. The girls had a blast. Scarlett wasnt too thrilled about the tractor ride, but she got over it about half way through. The pumkin patch pictures are courtesy of Mema, and I was able to snap a couple more photos of the girls hanging around thier room. The girls are doing great and life for me is looking fantastic. Its very empowering to have taken control of the mess and get things in all aspects of life cleaned up. Once I finish moving stuff around, I'll have more pictures of the girls and more updates.